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Diskussion:Arik Speaker

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Arik Speaker grew up in Antwerp and was a member of the local "Hamizrahi" community. During his high school Studies in the local religious Zionist school, he was active in "Bnei Akiva", and after completing his studies- he came to Israel as part of the "Machal" Hesder program in Ma'ale Adumim. After graduating from Yeshiva - Arik completed his bachelor's degree in Law from Bar Ilan University, simultaneously studying in "Lifshitz" College. From 2007 to 2011 he served as the rabbi of the Jewish community in Zurich. In this capacity, he worked with many youth, student and youth movements, gave lessons and organized various events. With his return, he worked as the director of the education department at "Heichal Shlomo" and coordinator of youth programs in Israel, the US, South Africa and Australia. His primary focus is on non-formal education, and he lectures and holds seminars on Judaism, Zionism, etc. in schools across the country. Arik and his wife Efrat live with their four children in Tekoa in Gush Etzion.