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The Bone-County crew

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Suspected hoax.

The Bone-County crew
Location of the majority of the murders
Years active 1995–2011

Outskirts of Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles


Founded by Daniel "Spits" Spitaleri and named after Bone county, Nevada

The Bone-County crew (Formerly known as 'The Spitaleri crew') were a group of brutal murderers and cannibals inside the Valenti crime family under the supervision of Mafia "capo" Anthony Corsaro. Founded by former Made Man in the DeCavalcante crime family, Daniel Spitaleri in 1995.



The crew was first recognised when a body was disposed in a local land-mining site under a pile of grained rubble. Newspapers all around Los Angeles flew to the scene and reported the body as Joseph Divarco, a former mobster within the crew and close friend to the men. They were all questioned on the murder but had no evidence related to the crime, Bolacchio stated "He's a fat fuck who got unlucky, not our problem."

The Bolacchio Crew was the most ruthless of all under the Corsaro crew. They started out in the Car Theft business for Vincent Malacci and disposal of bodies before moving on to murder. Between 1995 and 2011 they murdered at least 95 people and the FBI Suspected that they killed as many as 345 people. The real number will never be know because of the successful dismemberment executions know as the Bone-County Method there was virtually no traces of the victims and the bodyparts were either sent to landfill sites or dumped at sea. Many of these Victims were murdered for Orders, Contract or sometimes for Sport or Fun.

The crew was headed by long-term associate Roy Bolacchio and associates Rudolph Schiro and Henry Porcelli. They operated out of a Motel room in Jerry's Motel, Blueberry. The killings only stopped in 2011 when Bolacchio and Schiro was found murdered in the back of Bolacchio's car. Some of the main members of the crew were Ralph Pisconti and right hand man Edward Cerella nicknamed Dracula because of the strange obsession and practises with the blood of his victims. Daniel Spitaleri who originally invented the Bone-County Method, was murdered by the Bolacchio Crew in 1997, and the other prime members, Henry Porccelli and Ralph Pisconti were the most ruthless hitmen in the crew.

The exact process of the Bone-County Method, revealed by crew member (Porcelli) who became a government witness in 2010, was as follows: typically, the victim would be lured through the out to the county or the desired location chosen, and then knocked down by one of us. At this point, a crew member (almost always Bolacchio according to crew member turned government witness Henry Porcelli) would approach with a baseball bat in one hand and a towel in the other, hitting the victim in the head then wrapping the towel around the victim's head wound like a turban in order to staunch the blood flow. After, we would place them in the trunk of the car and drive them to the apartment or shack; we changed locations in 2007. We would give the victim orders and if they didn't comply, we'd kill them simply because we could. Afterwards we'd place them in the bathtub, dismembering them from limb-to-limb, then tying the torso from the shower head, letting the blood drain. We disposed them in black bags and moved them to where ever Roy felt necessary - usually the desert - Roy claimed that it was easier in the desert, as you didn't need a shovel to cover up the bags, you could just kick the shovel the sand back in using your foot.

Primary deaths

After the deaths of prime members, Bolacchio, Porcelli and Schiro, the crew was known as executed within the Valenti crime family. The FBI had cut the rope and asked no questions on the murders of the three men - Blood-relations were devastated by the matter. "The three were like the three muskateers, or something. They couldn't of been seperated when they were younger, and they're all in a better place now." Stated Porcelli's mother. The Valenti crime family took no affect in the matter as the FBI took no action.

"Operation Bone-County is terminated, there will be no more deaths from the trio nor will there be any arrests. No questions.. please." Quoted from John P. Harrison, Cheif executive.

The murders of Schiro and Bolacchio are as unknown, but the suspicion grows within the FBI. Cases reported the deaths were because of nature taking its place. "They're both waste of space, surprised they weren't whacked along time ago." Anthony Corsaro recorded on tape from turncoat:Henry Porcelli.

Known members

  • Rudolph Schiro 1995 - 2011 (Murdered and found in the back of Roy Bolacchio's Ford Crown Victoria: Reason is unknown.)
  • Roy Bolacchio 1995 - 2011 (Murdered and found in the back of his own Ford Crown Victoria: Reason is unknown.)
  • Ralph Pisconti 1995 - present (Previously known as alive; where-abouts are unknown after the murder of three African-American males in Inglewood, Los Angeles)
  • Henry Porcelli 1995 - 2010 (Murdered in a car explosion/bomb for being a Mob turncoat in the Valenti crime familly)
  • Joseph Divarco 1995 - 1996 (Murdered and found under a pile of grained rubble in the Sanitation of Fort Carson.)
  • Edward Cerella 1995 - 2000 (Previously known as alive; where-abouts unknown after the murder of Paul Uricolo.)
  • Paul Uricolo 1995 - 2000 (Murdered; found in a tire rack on a Construction site in Angel Pine.)
  • Matthew Spadaro 1995 - present (Murdered and found by fishermen on the Pier 69 in San Fierro - Vincent Malacci was suspected of the murder.)
  • Daniel Spitaleri 1994 - 1995 (Murdered and found dead in a Motel room in Blueberry.)
  • Nicholas Aprile 1995 - present (Alive in the witness protection program, $500,000 bounty on his head.)
  • Ronald Porcelli 1995 - present (Previously known as alive; last where-abouts were in Texas, US at a Jimi Hendrix convention.)

The rest remain unknown to the FBI, cases are still open and there is a $1,000,000 reward to any information leading to the arrests of the unknown members.

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